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Jack::JackLoadableInternalClient2 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual int Activate ()
 We need to start thread before activating in the server, otherwise the FW driver connected to the client may not be activated.
virtual int ClientNotify (int refnum, const char *name, int notify, int sync, const char *message, int value1, int value2)
virtual int Close ()
void CycleSignal (int status)
jack_nframes_t CycleWait ()
virtual int Deactivate ()
 Need to stop thread after deactivating in the server.
bool Execute ()
 RT thread.
JackClientControlGetClientControl () const
virtual jack_nframes_t GetCurrentTransportFrame ()
JackEngineControlGetEngineControl () const
JackGraphManagerGetGraphManager () const
virtual char * GetInternalClientName (int ref)
virtual pthread_t GetThreadID ()
bool Init ()
 Called once when the thread starts.
int Init (const char *so_name)
virtual int InternalClientHandle (const char *client_name, jack_status_t *status)
virtual int InternalClientLoad (const char *client_name, jack_options_t options, jack_status_t *status, jack_varargs_t *va)
virtual void InternalClientUnload (int ref, jack_status_t *status)
 JackLoadableInternalClient2 (JackServer *server, JackSynchro *table, const JSList *parameters)
virtual void OnInfoShutdown (JackInfoShutdownCallback callback, void *arg)
virtual void OnShutdown (JackShutdownCallback callback, void *arg)
int Open (const char *server_name, const char *name, jack_options_t options, jack_status_t *status)
virtual int PortConnect (const char *src, const char *dst)
virtual int PortDisconnect (const char *src, const char *dst)
virtual int PortDisconnect (jack_port_id_t src)
virtual int PortIsMine (jack_port_id_t port_index)
virtual int PortRegister (const char *port_name, const char *port_type, unsigned long flags, unsigned long buffer_size)
virtual int PortRename (jack_port_id_t port_index, const char *name)
virtual int PortUnRegister (jack_port_id_t port)
virtual int ReleaseTimebase ()
virtual int SetBufferSize (jack_nframes_t buffer_size)
virtual int SetBufferSizeCallback (JackBufferSizeCallback callback, void *arg)
virtual int SetClientRegistrationCallback (JackClientRegistrationCallback callback, void *arg)
virtual int SetFreeWheel (int onoff)
virtual int SetFreewheelCallback (JackFreewheelCallback callback, void *arg)
virtual int SetGraphOrderCallback (JackGraphOrderCallback callback, void *arg)
virtual int SetInitCallback (JackThreadInitCallback callback, void *arg)
virtual int SetPortConnectCallback (JackPortConnectCallback callback, void *arg)
virtual int SetPortRegistrationCallback (JackPortRegistrationCallback callback, void *arg)
virtual int SetPortRenameCallback (JackPortRenameCallback callback, void *arg)
virtual int SetProcessCallback (JackProcessCallback callback, void *arg)
int SetProcessThread (JackThreadCallback fun, void *arg)
virtual int SetSampleRateCallback (JackBufferSizeCallback callback, void *arg)
virtual int SetSyncCallback (JackSyncCallback sync_callback, void *arg)
virtual int SetSyncTimeout (jack_time_t timeout)
virtual int SetTimebaseCallback (int conditional, JackTimebaseCallback timebase_callback, void *arg)
virtual int SetXRunCallback (JackXRunCallback callback, void *arg)
virtual void ShutDown ()
virtual void TransportLocate (jack_nframes_t frame)
virtual jack_transport_state_t TransportQuery (jack_position_t *pos)
virtual int TransportReposition (jack_position_t *pos)
virtual void TransportStart ()
virtual void TransportStop ()

Static Public Attributes

static JackEngineControlfEngineControl = NULL
static JackGraphManagerfGraphManager = NULL

Protected Member Functions

int ActivateAux ()
int CallProcessCallback ()
void CallSyncCallback ()
void CallSyncCallbackAux ()
void CallTimebaseCallback ()
void CallTimebaseCallbackAux ()
virtual int ClientNotifyImp (int refnum, const char *name, int notify, int sync, const char *message, int value1, int value)
 Notification received from the server.
void CycleSignalAux (int status)
jack_nframes_t CycleWaitAux ()
void DummyCycle ()
void End ()
void Error ()
void ExecuteThread ()
bool IsActive ()
void SetupDriverSync (bool freewheel)
void SignalSync ()
int StartThread ()
bool WaitSync ()

Protected Attributes

JackBufferSizeCallback fBufferSize
void * fBufferSizeArg
JackClientRegistrationCallback fClientRegistration
void * fClientRegistrationArg
JackDriverDescFunction fDescriptor
FinishCallback fFinish
JackFreewheelCallback fFreewheel
void * fFreewheelArg
JackGraphOrderCallback fGraphOrder
void * fGraphOrderArg
JackInfoShutdownCallback fInfoShutdown
void * fInfoShutdownArg
JackThreadInitCallback fInit
void * fInitArg
JackPortConnectCallback fPortConnect
void * fPortConnectArg
std::list< jack_port_id_t > fPortList
JackPortRegistrationCallback fPortRegistration
void * fPortRegistrationArg
JackPortRenameCallback fPortRename
void * fPortRenameArg
JackProcessCallback fProcess
void * fProcessArg
JackSampleRateCallback fSampleRate
void * fSampleRateArg
char fServerName [64]
JackShutdownCallback fShutdown
void * fShutdownArg
JackSyncCallback fSync
void * fSyncArg
JackThread fThread
JackThreadCallback fThreadFun
void * fThreadFunArg
JackTimebaseCallback fTimebase
void * fTimebaseArg
JackXRunCallback fXrun
void * fXrunArg

Private Attributes

InternalInitializeCallback fInitialize
const JSListfParameters

Detailed Description

Definition at line 107 of file JackInternalClient.h.

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