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Jack::JackFFADODriver Class Reference

The FFADO driver. More...

#include <JackFFADODriver.h>

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Public Member Functions

void AddSlave (JackDriverInterface *slave)
int Attach ()
virtual int ClientNotify (int refnum, const char *name, int notify, int sync, const char *message, int value1, int value2)
int Close ()
int Detach ()
virtual JackClientControlGetClientControl () const
bool GetMaster ()
std::list< JackDriverInterface * > GetSlaves ()
virtual bool Initialize ()
virtual bool IsFixedBufferSize ()
virtual bool IsRealTime () const
 JackFFADODriver (const char *name, const char *alias, JackLockedEngine *engine, JackSynchro *table)
virtual int Open (bool capturing, bool playing, int inchannels, int outchannels, bool monitor, const char *capture_driver_name, const char *playback_driver_name, jack_nframes_t capture_latency, jack_nframes_t playback_latency)
int Open (ffado_jack_settings_t *cmlparams)
virtual int Open (jack_nframes_t buffer_size, jack_nframes_t samplerate, bool capturing, bool playing, int inchannels, int outchannels, bool monitor, const char *capture_driver_name, const char *playback_driver_name, jack_nframes_t capture_latency, jack_nframes_t playback_latency)
virtual int Open ()
virtual int Process ()
virtual int ProcessNull ()
int ProcessSlaves ()
int Read ()
void RemoveSlave (JackDriverInterface *slave)
int SetBufferSize (jack_nframes_t nframes)
void SetMaster (bool onoff)
virtual int SetSampleRate (jack_nframes_t sample_rate)
int Start ()
int Stop ()
int Write ()

Protected Member Functions

void CycleIncTime ()
void CycleTakeBeginTime ()
void CycleTakeEndTime ()
jack_default_audio_sample_t * GetInputBuffer (int port_index)
jack_default_audio_sample_t * GetMonitorBuffer (int port_index)
jack_default_audio_sample_t * GetOutputBuffer (int port_index)
void NotifyBufferSize (jack_nframes_t buffer_size)
void NotifyFailure (int code, const char *reason)
void NotifySampleRate (jack_nframes_t sample_rate)
void NotifyXRun (jack_time_t callback_usecs, float delayed_usecs)
virtual int ProcessAsync ()
void ProcessGraphAsync ()
void ProcessGraphSync ()
virtual int ProcessSync ()
void SetupDriverSync (int ref, bool freewheel)
void WaitUntilNextCycle ()

Protected Attributes

char fAliasName [JACK_CLIENT_NAME_SIZE+1]
jack_time_t fBeginDateUst
int fCaptureChannels
char fCaptureDriverName [JACK_CLIENT_NAME_SIZE+1]
jack_nframes_t fCaptureLatency
jack_port_id_t fCapturePortList [DRIVER_PORT_NUM]
JackClientControl fClientControl
float fDelayedUsecs
jack_time_t fEndDateUst
bool fIsMaster
jack_port_id_t fMonitorPortList [DRIVER_PORT_NUM]
int fPlaybackChannels
char fPlaybackDriverName [JACK_CLIENT_NAME_SIZE+1]
jack_nframes_t fPlaybackLatency
jack_port_id_t fPlaybackPortList [DRIVER_PORT_NUM]
std::list< JackDriverInterface * > fSlaveList
bool fWithMonitorPorts

Private Member Functions

int ffado_driver_attach (ffado_driver_t *driver)
void ffado_driver_delete (ffado_driver_t *driver)
int ffado_driver_detach (ffado_driver_t *driver)
ffado_driver_tffado_driver_new (const char *name, ffado_jack_settings_t *params)
int ffado_driver_read (ffado_driver_t *driver, jack_nframes_t nframes)
int ffado_driver_restart (ffado_driver_t *driver)
int ffado_driver_start (ffado_driver_t *driver)
int ffado_driver_stop (ffado_driver_t *driver)
jack_nframes_t ffado_driver_wait (ffado_driver_t *driver, int extra_fd, int *status, float *delayed_usecs)
int ffado_driver_write (ffado_driver_t *driver, jack_nframes_t nframes)
void jack_driver_init (jack_driver_t *driver)
void jack_driver_nt_init (jack_driver_nt_t *driver)

Private Attributes

int g_verbose

Detailed Description

The FFADO driver.

Definition at line 38 of file JackFFADODriver.h.

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