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Jack::JackBoomerDriver Class Reference

The Boomer driver. More...

#include <JackBoomerDriver.h>

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class  JackBoomerDriverInput
class  JackBoomerDriverOutput

Public Member Functions

void AddSlave (JackDriverInterface *slave)
virtual int Attach ()
virtual int ClientNotify (int refnum, const char *name, int notify, int sync, const char *message, int value1, int value2)
int Close ()
virtual int Detach ()
bool Execute ()
virtual JackClientControlGetClientControl () const
bool GetMaster ()
std::list< JackDriverInterface * > GetSlaves ()
bool Init ()
virtual bool Initialize ()
bool IsFixedBufferSize ()
virtual bool IsRealTime () const
 JackBoomerDriver (const char *name, const char *alias, JackLockedEngine *engine, JackSynchro *table)
virtual int Open ()
virtual int Open (jack_nframes_t buffer_size, jack_nframes_t samplerate, bool capturing, bool playing, int inchannels, int outchannels, bool monitor, const char *capture_driver_name, const char *playback_driver_name, jack_nframes_t capture_latency, jack_nframes_t playback_latency)
virtual int Open (bool capturing, bool playing, int inchannels, int outchannels, bool monitor, const char *capture_driver_name, const char *playback_driver_name, jack_nframes_t capture_latency, jack_nframes_t playback_latency)
int Open (jack_nframes_t frames_per_cycle, int user_nperiods, jack_nframes_t rate, bool capturing, bool playing, int chan_in, int chan_out, bool excl, bool monitor, const char *capture_driver_name, const char *playback_driver_name, jack_nframes_t capture_latency, jack_nframes_t playback_latency, int bits, bool syncio)
virtual int Process ()
virtual int ProcessNull ()
int ProcessSlaves ()
virtual int Read ()
void RemoveSlave (JackDriverInterface *slave)
int SetBufferSize (jack_nframes_t buffer_size)
void SetMaster (bool onoff)
virtual int SetSampleRate (jack_nframes_t sample_rate)
int Start ()
int Stop ()
virtual int Write ()

Protected Member Functions

void CycleIncTime ()
void CycleTakeBeginTime ()
void CycleTakeEndTime ()
jack_default_audio_sample_t * GetInputBuffer (int port_index)
jack_default_audio_sample_t * GetMonitorBuffer (int port_index)
jack_default_audio_sample_t * GetOutputBuffer (int port_index)
void NotifyBufferSize (jack_nframes_t buffer_size)
void NotifyFailure (int code, const char *reason)
void NotifySampleRate (jack_nframes_t sample_rate)
void NotifyXRun (jack_time_t callback_usecs, float delayed_usecs)
virtual int ProcessAsync ()
void ProcessGraphAsync ()
void ProcessGraphSync ()
virtual int ProcessSync ()
void SetupDriverSync (int ref, bool freewheel)
void WaitUntilNextCycle ()

Protected Attributes

char fAliasName [JACK_CLIENT_NAME_SIZE+1]
jack_time_t fBeginDateUst
int fCaptureChannels
char fCaptureDriverName [JACK_CLIENT_NAME_SIZE+1]
jack_nframes_t fCaptureLatency
jack_port_id_t fCapturePortList [DRIVER_PORT_NUM]
JackClientControl fClientControl
float fDelayedUsecs
jack_time_t fEndDateUst
bool fIsMaster
jack_port_id_t fMonitorPortList [DRIVER_PORT_NUM]
int fPlaybackChannels
char fPlaybackDriverName [JACK_CLIENT_NAME_SIZE+1]
jack_nframes_t fPlaybackLatency
jack_port_id_t fPlaybackPortList [DRIVER_PORT_NUM]
std::list< JackDriverInterface * > fSlaveList
bool fWithMonitorPorts

Private Types

enum  { kRead = 1, kWrite = 2, kReadWrite = 3 }

Private Member Functions

void CloseAux ()
void DisplayDeviceInfo ()
int OpenAux ()
int OpenInput ()
int OpenOutput ()
void SetSampleFormat ()
void SynchronizeRead ()
void SynchronizeWrite ()

Private Attributes

int fBits
bool fExcl
unsigned int fFragmentSize
int fInFD
void * fInputBuffer
unsigned int fInputBufferSize
JackBoomerDriverInput fInputHandler
JackThread fInputThread
int fNperiods
int fOutFD
void * fOutputBuffer
unsigned int fOutputBufferSize
JackBoomerDriverOutput fOutputHandler
JackThread fOutputThread
sem_t fReadSema
int fRWMode
int fSampleFormat
unsigned int fSampleSize
bool fSyncIO
sem_t fWriteSema

Detailed Description

The Boomer driver.

Definition at line 46 of file JackBoomerDriver.h.

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